In the words of Koku Anyidoho, the Atta-Mills Institute stands by the position of ECOWAS per the speech read on behalf of the Observer Mission by H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma, immediate-past President of Sierra Leone.

Per his personal observation, koku Anyidoho said it was quite significant to note that the, Collation Centres were not inundated by human traffic as well as any forms of “Macho men or vigilante groups”.   One unique thing is how after the open counting and declaration of results, the Returning Officers send their duly signed Declaration Forms to the collation Centres and leave.  

Generally, the voting processes were as smooth as what pertains in Ghana.  Honestly, the ECOWAS Team did not report a incident of violence.   

Tactile ballots were also available to help those with impaired vision. 

Voting began at 7 and ended at 4pm unlike Ghana where it ends at 5pm. 

No long queues 

The Ghana Mission in Cotonou was very helpful and the Atta-Mills Institute is grateful to the Interim Head of Mission, Madam Louisa Hanson and her Team for their immense support which really made our stay in Benin more comfortable.  The Atta-Mills Institute is forever grateful to ECOWAS for the opportunity and ultimately we thank God Almighty for His grace upon us.

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